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Motherhood has a way of bringing out the best in us, and the worst in us, in ways we never dreamed possible, doesn’t it?  Before having kids of my own, I never realized how much I was actually capable of accomplishing in one day!  I also never realized how loud I was able to yell.  :O

Finding the balance between self identity and Mom is a challenge.  One that can leave a woman feeling strung out… all over the place… a little here, a little there.  This book tackles the topic of depression that can occur as a result of feeling scattered, and offers a step by step process for putting yourself back together, in order to live wholly and fully like never before.

As a special offer to jump-start the launch of Meet Your God, I am offering the E-Book, Pieces of Mommy, for FREE!  I only ask that you share it on your social media if you love it.  Tell your friends, and I’ll send a copy to them as well. 🙂

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